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Sent by Annabelle on 13-03-2013 [15:43:48]

friends told us about the 5Flat Madrid and that they really enjoied their stay. so did we!
the rooms are lovely and the staff was always there to help us out with everything.

we totally recommend it, not only(!) but especially for travelling couples
Sent by Tom on 13-02-2013 [14:54:09]

A lovely hotel, within walking distance of many of Madrid's main attractions. Our room was very clean, and staff were friendly and helpful. Plenty of nice cafes and bars in the immediate vicinity. All in all, excellent value.
Sent by Yasodara on 06-01-2013 [04:06:33]

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Sent by Judit on 29-05-2012 [13:39:22]

Flat5Madrid is really a value for money place in Madrid! Rooms are cosy (bathroom a bit too tight), personnel great, everything nearby. Also the free walking tour makes you feel great. Join them for the flamenco eve as well!
Sent by Arni Bashir on 04-03-2012 [22:12:16]

hey, i just booked your hostal through before i got to know u have ur own webpage.
Suprise to find out ur new service-Shuttle from the airport.
I am arriving on 7th, around 8 am (with Qatar Airways). How am i going to get your service? shall i make a booking from u? And is the price for return?
Appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible. Gracias.
Sent by Michelle on 14-10-2011 [01:01:46]

We loved this place! Whoever is in charge of the room decor has gone above and beyond in making the rooms - although small! - really comfortable and homely. We had a room with a private bathroom, which also had storage space, air con, a new TV, and free wifi. Each morning lollies were placed on our freshly made bed, and the towels were folded into kissing swans.

The hotel is easy to find, only metres away from a metro station, and there's a lift! The staff are lovely, and there is a free walking tour offered, which turned out to be fantastic, lasting 4 hours! We managed to walk everywhere, as Madrid is easy to get around on foot, even in the heat of summer.

We'd definitely stay here again and recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in Madrid without spending a fortune!
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