Enjoy special moments

It´s very easy at Flat5Madrid

Flat5Madrid´s breakfasts

Discover our breakfasts, certainly the crown jewel of Flat5Madrid.

Every morning from 8 am to 12 am, Flat5Madrid is impregnated with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.It´s breakfast time, served in the room or living room, what you prefer!

SYou only have to book it a reception the previous day, and we will be pleased to take it to your room without any additional charge. So personal that we bring it ti you in tray.

  • - BASIC BREAKFAST 1, 99€

There you are some possible combinations of a lot of delicious proposals for beginning the day with energy. You can also elaborate your own choice with our Breakfast a la carte!

Important dates for your and yours

We love to celebrate with you the fspecial dates, San Valentine, Christmas time, News Year´s Eve, Spring… an enjoy with you all those moments.

Flat5Madrid is dressed then for the occasion with unique details.

But there are times… that we like to feel special and any day could be your day. This is the real philosophy of Flat5Madrid that you stay with the best memory of your visit to Madrid and this is the aim of all Flat5Madrid teamwork.

Do Flat5Madrid a gift!

Do Flat5Madrid a gift to your friends, family or couple. EIt will be pleasure for us help you to turn that occasion or special gift into something unforgettable.

We also have a variety of activities with other companies exclusive for our clients and thus complete those special moments.